Tough Vegan Love


My significant other is not a vegan. If there is the opposite of vegan, that’s what he is. He loves hot dogs, refined sugars, empty carbs, and lots of meat. I’m always searching the web for tips on how to deal with a non-vegan partner. There is no simple answer.

He refuses to watch documentaries about factory farms, animal cruelty, and plant based nutrition with me. He doesn’t read the articles about the benefits of a whole food plant-based diet I send him. It seems to be a lost cause.

Recently, he developed some pretty serious health issues that can be resolved with a plant-based diet. Even though I’m not very friendly with the whole cooking shtick, I started to make our meals. The only catch is that he doesn’t get to select the menu. Guess who is happily surprised on how delicious plant based dishes are?

I’m betting on a quick improvement of his health to finally convince him that being vegan can be a great pleasure for the palate and a huge benefit for his general well being.

Wish me luck!


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