That was a very long hiatus, too much work and no time for inspiration.

Working two jobs was something I enjoyed, but it did take a toll both in my body and mind. After the end of a contract and quitting the other job, I spent a month in Rio recharging the batteries with family and friends. It felt good to enjoy a simple afternoon stroll on the beach with the ocean touching my toes. The beautiful scenery and fresh air brought the inspiration back

In Rio, I had the chance to meet with my childhood friend who is a kick ass nutritionist, Alice Lucena. She has killer body and beautiful hair. She runs half marathons and the best of all is that she has a very realistic approach to nutrition focused on the individual’s health and well being. She is not vegan but she eats minimal amounts of fish and white chicken meat. I’m thankful that she respects my choice to be vegan. What is also very cool is that she does not believe in fad diets and miracle drugs. She needs to see the scientific data.

We had a long talk about healthy nutritional choices, food combinations and balance, as well as fitness goals. She measured my muscle mass, body fat, BMI and all that and based on my usual diet, she made recommendations on how to optimize my food intake and the best way to start exercising.

For the first time in many years, I’m looking forward to getting fit and maybe running the half marathon in Rio in 2018. I still do not believe I can do that because I had two knee surgeries and am overweight and totally out of shape. But when I watch videos of plant-based mega athletes like Rich Roll, who changed his lifestyle when he was 50, I have a little hope.

You must be thinking how can someone be vegan and be overweight? Well, it seems that I like sugar a lot… But that can be changed.

Now, back in California, I’m getting my fridge organized, starting to focus on healthy vegan meals, exercizing and purging papers and items that are not useful anymore. Dreaming of the half marathon and a more meaningful job.

Not sure where this journey is going but hopefully, it will get to a place of balance and a kindness oriented life style.


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