The chicken or the egg?

Saturday morning, getting vegan bread at a famous high-end organic market, I start paying attention to the crowds. I see Birkenstocks, one pair of stilettos and running shoes. A tie dye shirt, chino bermudas, and dozens of yoga pants. The granola hippie and the sophisticated climate change fighter. A headphone with cat ears. Everybody looking at their smartphones.

The lines are long and the aisles seem too skinny for so many bodies walking up and down. I see lots of angry frowns and nervous foot tapping. I hear impatient sighs and exasperated “Ex-cuse me!” more than once.

Wait! Aren’t these organic peaceful humans, animal lovers, grass fed beef eaters, yoga aficionados, non GMO consumers, gluten and dairy intolerant people supposed to be chill? Don’t they believe in universal love? Don’t they practice endless compassion?

They seem to fit the annoyed, critical, judgmental, and self-righteous stereotype of vegetarian/vegans.

Are they like that because they are vegetarian/vegan or they are vegetarian/vegan because they are like that?

Does dedicating their lives to healthy living give them a sense of entitlement?

I would say no. When I go to the other organic market down the street I see some friendly faces and a couple of smiles.

Still, the judgmental and self-entitled give vegans a bad rep.

A little less frowning and way more smiling would help the cause immensely.





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