Healthy​ living or love for animals?

My path to veganism is based on my love for animals, great and small. I can’t see any differences between my cat and a pig. My understanding is that animals are sentient creatures and if not loved, they must be respected.

In this wild world populated by retweets, shared posts, extreme marketing, and fake news, it’s hard to figure out what is based on scientific evidence and hard data.

My readings and documentaries streaming mainly focus on animal welfare, factory farming, genetically modified crops and organisms, as well as issues related to pets, animal shelters, pet adoptions, puppy mills, and veterinary medicine.

The other day, I had a routine physical and did some bloodwork. My doctor was pleasantly surprised with the improvement of my numbers which were already within the normal parameters. Now, they are even better. My already good blood pressure is wonderfully lower. The icing on the cake is the pounds shed without any calorie restriction. I will eat a whole vegan chocolate cake by myself in three days.

This all happened with no intention of improving my health or extra exercise.

Now, I’m starting to read about the health benefits of a plant-based diet. There won’t be any preaching on this post, just a book recommendation: “The China Study.”

Do you share any similar experiences?



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