Why the rage?

Words like shaming, bullying, preaching, lecturing, radical and activism can have a very negative effect on the message we are trying to convey.

I was shopping for vegan themed T-shirts and as open-minded as I am, it was disappointing to see so many negative and even aggressive messages. A lot of these Tees are not suited for the workplace even though I work in a pretty casual tech environment. Some messages, parents might say, would not be appropriate for kids.

We are dealing with such a great cause that brings inspiration from nature and animals. Why not stick to positive messages to attract and not disturb our fellow humans?

The more conversations I have about veganism, the more I understand the frustration on both sides.

A few vegans go deep in their research and learn all about climate change and animal cruelty. They sit through hours of video footage of animals suffering. It’s heart-wrenching. Been there, done that. We listen to our most beloved people saying “I could never give up cheese.” Well, my dear, you gave up gluten, why not cheese…

People who are running up the survival ladder, struggling to feed their kids and pay the rent, tell me “organic and vegan food is way too expensive, I can’t afford that.” That’s not entirely true but that’s another discussion.

Sometimes it seems like a battleground where no one wins and the animals lose.

I understand that the frustration many vegans feel comes from a place where they know that it is scientifically proven that a plant based diet brings enormous benefits for our health. That we can actually save a lot of money by spending less on meds and doctors.They know that bees are on the verge of becoming extinct and that without bees to pollinate there will be serious consequences to the whole ecosystem. They know about animal testing in the cosmetics industry. They know about the role of factory farms in climate change.They know what goes on in factory farms. They know all behind the scenes in slaughterhouses. They know about the high suicide rate in these places. The endless cruelty…

Still, our message should come from a place of compassion and not rage. Change comes from the heart.




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