When technology is not my friend

In an era of social media, newspaper extinction and instant news storms, I feel overwhelmed. My head hurts and my eyes burn. Lost in a sea of information, I seek the truth. Is the truth in the eyes of the beholder?

Making life choices get me so confused and I’m not a millennial. There is this constant struggle for the right food, the right shampoo, the right eyeliner, the right shoes. Like everybody else, I want to be healthy and not cause pain to any human or non-human creature.

I want to know everything that is going on around the world. I want to learn how to save animals. I want to find out why on a molecular level meat is not the best choice.

At 5 am, I’m going frantically through tweets and Facebook and Instagram too, looking for the newest news about plant-based nutrition. I navigate an endless stream of information but I don’t have time to deep dive into it. Where does this info come from? Who said what? Is this scientifically proven? Is this a fad?

In the old days, I read a book a week, now, I read hundreds of tweets a day.

I become aware of numerous issues I never thought about – went from omnivorous, to pescatarian, to vegetarian to vegan.

I learn about the White Helmets and I can give you pretty good reasons to consider veganism. Still, I miss the scientific papers I used to read more than once until I got total understanding.

I miss knowing the scientific names of dolphins and being able to have hours long discussions about cetaceans strandings.

I miss knowing who the animal behavior researchers were and reading all their books.

As I learn more and more about animal welfare, I feel the need to stop and breathe. I need to disconnect, go to a pasture and observe the peaceful bovines in order to find some insight and strength to keep going on the road for a more compassionate world.


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