Fad, friend or foe?

I feel blessed to be living in a city that is very alternative, where art and creativity is abundant and being vegan is rad. It’s easy to find great farmer’s markets and vegan restaurants. The vegan burgers are to die for. Visible piercings and flip flops in the office are ok. Fast free wifi connection is open around the city or on the shuttle to work.

Grassroots groups are taking care of business and luxurious nature is just a few minutes away. Meditation retreats, pilates classes, and bike lanes are everywhere.We have the yoga snobs and the cool nerd kids.

In my Silicon Valley office, we have a choice of vegan dishes as well as organic vegetables and fruits. A juice bar that makes you feel healthy just by looking at the menu! A meditation room and zen-like massages with essential oils.

Everybody is gluten-lactose-intolerant and allergic to nuts. Have you heard of butter in the coffee for ultimate energy? Ew!

A friend of mine gets really annoyed with each new food, juice, health fad that pops up on the news. He screams furiously and gesticulates animatedly at the TV and promises never to try the new thing.

As I jump with each scream and laugh until my tummy hurts I ponder… Would we be talking about plant based diet if it were not for all these fads. How about all the interesting Netflix food documentaries I’ve been watching on the last few years?

Yes, fads are created so peeps make money. I personally would not follow them blindly. I love gluten, nuts, caffeine and just don’t drink or eat dairy for the animals sake.

As long as these fads bring some interesting discussion to the table, I’m ok with them.

Is up to each one of us to use our common sense and make good choices. Remember when smoking was a symbol of sophistication? You probably weren’t born at the time but take a look at the good ol’ Hollywood movies.

Fads can be silly but why not make them a good start point for a conversation about plant-based nutrition and animal welfare?




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