A little fun goes a long way

My friends expect me to judge them on their food choices. I have to remind them that I’m all for Freedom, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Food. Your body, your temple, not mine.

My Bestie loves frog legs and lamb, what can I say? Do I like her less for that? Nope! I just make fun of her and we laugh. I bake banana bread and bring it to the office just to show her that vegan does not have to taste like cardboard.

Freedom of food includes no criticism, judgment or radicalism.

One of the things we hear the most is “I could never be vegan.” Let me tell you a little secret: It’s not as complicated and time-consuming as it seems. Seriously, the kitchen is my enemy and I can’t cook even if my life depends on it.

If you are curious about this lifestyle, experiment and start small. Don’t go cold turkey. Instead of removing food, try adding or swapping. Instead of white rice, try brown rice. Add a vegetable or two to your plate. Instead of a whole chicken breast, have half and add some beans to your meal. Instead of cow or goat milk try one of the several varieties such as almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, soy milk. Add avocado and tomatoes to your sandwiches. Make smoothies with coconut milk and frozen fruit. Add nuts to your salads or eat them as snacks.  Try a vegan burger just for the fun of it!

Explore your artistic side and get creative in the kitchen. Play with colors in your dishes. Add beautiful red and yellow bell peppers to your plates or sprinkle your eggs with orange Tumeric. Find the beauty of adding purple blueberries to your pale oatmeal.

My days are a little rushed sometimes so I have a few basics in my pantry and fridge: lentil soups, veggie burgers, non-dairy bread, non-dairy cream cheese, tofu, mushroom, and spices. These can be meals in just a few minutes. For dessert, I love soy ice cream or vegan chocolate cake.

Most important of all: Have Lots of Fun!



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